Let Hot Tees provide your business with affordable, high quality apparel

We’ll start by having one of our talented designers develop a promotional design or use an existing logo to go on one of thousands of available types of apparel or promotional items. Hot Tees works with many wholesale suppliers to give our customers a wide variety of products including: … and many more!

Dont stress - our process is different from traditional screen printing, our apparel is made to order, meaning that there is no need to worry about managing a back-stock or losing money on unsold merchandise.

Mix it Up: Our unique process allows for easy flexibility with no change fees between items allowing for small reorders and limitless mixed orders. Realize that you want to reorder just a couple shirts? We can do that! How about an order of 500 shirts with just a single beanie, pair of sweatpants, towel, cooking apron, etc? That’s what we do best!

Hot Tees allows you to experiment with different apparel varieties without any initial cost to you

We’ve got you covered: Hot Tees is happy (or “proud”) to host your online store. We’ll help set up a link from your website to our online store, where we quickly fill orders as they arrive -its as simple as that, just sit back and let us supply apparel to your customers while you make money from your brand.


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